Make-Up On The Go: My First Beauty Tutorial

7 July 2013

Its another "got-nothing-to-do" Sunday afternoon for me again. All I did was to just sit around and watch people get productive. Until I came up with and idea of doing a "beauty tutorial". This will be my very first beauty tutorial, so please don't judge! Hahaha! Don't expect it to be a detailed tutorial either, since this is not what I normally do. I just want to try something new and see how people will react to it. And if I do get a positive feedback from you guys, maybe just MAYBE I'll do another one :) 

(L-R) Revlon PHOTOREADY Pallete, Bobbi Brown Lipstick (Burnt Red), Revlon PHOTOREADY 3D Volume Mascara, Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder Concealer, Nichido Lip Gloss, Maybelline Cake Powder

1. Before applying a concealer or foundation, make sure your hands are clean. Thus, start by washing your hands to prevent blemishes or pimples.

2. After doing the cleanse-tone-moisturizing drill, apply Maybelline Powder Concealer on your under-eye circles and to any blemishes on your face.

3. Then start applying Maybelline Cake Powder all over your face. This cake powder is a good alternative for a foundation, not only does it look light and natural but it also lessen chances of  "after make-up blemishes". Perfect for everyday use! 

4. This Revlon PHOTOREADY palette is perfect for starters (like me) since it has very helpful instructions at the back on how to apply the eye make-up. Though I didn't exactly follow it for today. 

You can immediately sweep the top shade all over your mobile lid using your finger (I only used the tip applicator to point out the shade I'm putting on my mobile lid)

5. Use your flat head make-up brush to apply dark shade

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, use an eyeliner. For good results, I recommend Shu Uemura 's Eyeliner. But if you're on a tight budget, a good quality for a reasonable price would be Nichido.

6. Using the Revlon 3D Volume Mascara, curl your eyelashes outward. What I love about this Mascara is it gives equally amazing result even without using an eyelash curler!

7. Top off your El Naturale look by using this Bobbi Brown Burnt Red shade Lipstick

8. All set for the photo shoot!

Floral Crown: Whimsical Accessorias

I have to admit, I have a selfish interest in presenting these beauty tutorials... hashtag Amateur. I'm just looking forward to the day I could look back and see where it all began. Hopefully, this tutorial could have helped you in any little way! :) 

Stay Sassy! Mwah! 


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    Cheers Martin´

  2. it is such a cute tutorial...loved it!!
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  3. Amazing tutorial, you are already sooo beautiful girl! Are you joining my summer give away party? That would be awesome! X Anna

  4. What a fantastic tutorial. I love the after!

  5. Hi, thanks for comment my blog.
    I like your blog too.
    Great post with good result :)

  6. I really like the decor in the backgroud..with that nice patio..look so lovely! House tour next? :)


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